Find out about the founder of MFI Masonry

We are 3rd Generation Masons!

As a teenager, our company's owner began learning the traditional trade of masonry. Today, he uses extensive experience and well-honed skills to build and repair many types of structures. He also leads a fully-trained team that's known for excellent craftsmanship and reliability. To arrange for masonry services, contact us today.

Refresh Your Brick or Stone Features

Our Clayton & St. Louis, MO team offers masonry restoration services

Your wall or flatwork might look worn, but the brick and stone may be able to last for years or decades more. MFI Masonry can remove old mortar to tuckpoint your masonry and provide other masonry services. Our team specializes in masonry restoration in Clayton & St. Louis, MO. We can also craft all kinds of new masonry features, from short retaining walls to roof-high facades.